Haemorrhoid and Rectal Cancer

If you suffer from haemorrhoid or ambient repeatedly and does not go away, you have to beware! You may be suffering from rectal cancer or cancer that occurs in the large intestine. Digestive disturbed will cause bowel habit changes, which can cause haemorrhoid. If the ambient is not cured and occur repeatedly, this needs further examined, because the possibility of patients suffering from rectal cancer.

The symptoms are a lump-emergence of small bumps around the anus that grow into large, about 1 – 2 centimeters. Initially, the patient think only suffered from regular ambient because the bleeding and bowel movement is not smooth. In addition, many patients feel embarrassed to check because they relate to the bottom.

Rectal cancer is not the most common disease, but including 10 cases of cancer that is often reported. In developed countries, this cancer ranks third-largest and can cause death.

This rectal cancer occurs in the large intestine rectum, which is caused because the digestive tract disrupted by eating patterns due to the unequal and less fibrous foods.

So, people who suffer from ambient and not yet healed do not be ashamed to consult to a specialist.

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