Health Hazards in Bay Window

Ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer causes the most deaths from all types of gynecologic cancers. Head of this study, Dr. Michael L Leitzman from the National Cancer Institute United States in Bethesda, Maryland, and University of Regensburg in Germany, said that women who are obese have a higher chance for ovarian cancer. It is not clear why obesity has contributed to ovarian cancer. Possibility this related to the effects of excess body fat to levels of estrogen in the body of a woman. This also often can create irregular menstrual cycles, he added.

Cervical cancer. In addition, the study includes more than 28,000 cases of cancer in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Overweight up to 13 Kg of normal weight in women can increase risk of cancer found in the uterus and bladder up to 60 percent.

Breast cancer. In the Asian population is more closely link between the increases of body mass index (BMI) with the risk of breast cancer.

Senility. According to Dr. Jose Luchsinger from Columbia University Medical Center, New York, United States, which examined the link between belly and senility, the results of such studies cannot be used as evidence in the belly fat causes senility in the future. However, he suspected that insulin has a big belly people have a role against the occurrence of senility.

Heart disease. According to the research results described in the symposium the American Heart Association, mentioned that a large waist circumference is an indication of the high risk of heart attack or other serious diseases. It should be noted.

Asphyxia. Excessive accumulation of fat below the diaphragm and the chest wall can suppress the lung. This has led to breathing problems and shortness of breath, even if the patient is only a mild activity. Respiratory problems can also occur during sleep, causing cessation of breathing for a while, so that by day sufferers often feel sleepy.

Orthopedic. Obesity can cause a variety of orthopedic problems, including lower back pain and aggravate osteoarthritis (particularly in the hip, knee, and ankle).

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