Water Closet Can Transmit Herpes?

Not a few people who are afraid to use public toilets for fear of contracting the herpes virus from toilet seats. In fact, the herpes infection is not as simple as that. Please note that the herpes virus will not live long on the cold and dry surface. In addition, new transmission can occur if a person has an open wound in the same body part with others who have the herpes virus.

Why? Because our skin is thick enough so that the virus cannot enter without an open wound. So that the most common transmission is from person to person because when we have sex with someone, mucosal genital area more easily peeled than our outer skin

So it is with swimming pool and hot tub which is sometimes also causing concern for the users because they have the amount of much enough water to be able to transmit the herpes virus. In fact, the water content contained in the pool or tub is much enough and there are also chemicals in the water

How about sex toys? The use of sex toys alternately with people who have the herpes virus can indeed become a medium of transmission because of the virus can live for a while in the sex toys.

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